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KitaMo was founded in 2019 to provide Filipinos with more information to investment opportunities.
We want Filipinos to see their wealth grow.


Financial literacy is not typically taught in Filipino schools. We provide articles and guides on the fundamentals of financial literacy – budgeting, saving, and investing – that can set you on a path to financial freedom. 


Companies in financial services often push their products onto you, even when it may not be in your best interest. We provide unbiased and comprehensive information on banks, brokerages, insurance companies, and other financial services, so you can make the best possible choice for you. 


To help you get the most value for your money, we curate a selection of partners for every stage of your financial journey. These pre-vetted partners provide you with discounts, incentives, and add-ons not available anywhere else.

How do I create a financial plan?
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How can I get better at saving?
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How can I invest into the PSE?
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Which insurance is best for my needs?
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