Financial Planning

A 2015 World Bank study found that only 2% of Filipinos could answer 7 financial literacy-related questions correctly.

10% of Filipinos did not have any right answers. The questions related to basic numeracy, compounding interest, inflation, investment diversification, and other financial principles.”

The same study noted that financial habits learned early on in life continue throughout adulthood.

Those that have a thorough understanding of financial literacy and planning grow. Those that do not stay stagnant or in worse cases suffer.
But it’s never too late to change.
Committing to better financial planning will improve your life in the short- and long-term. You just need to begin today.

KitaMo has got you covered!

Every Filipino is unique, so your financial plan should be too. Whether it’s saving up tuition for school, planning to buy a home, preparing for retirement, or returning to the Philippines as an OFW.

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