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My First Million

The Secret to Affluence: According to the World’s Richest People

Success and wealth cannot be achieved overnight, it takes lots of time and tremendous amounts of work to gain both. Many professionals and entrepreneurs have been working for years, but have not yet been able …

Digital Wallets

Why Getting Insured at a Young Age is the Way to Go

Insurance can be quite a daunting topic to bring up. No one wants to plan for the future when one can just live in the moment and pretend that things will always be fine. Yet …

Digital Wallets

Here’s What You Should Know About Owning Bank Accounts

As kids, piggy banks were used as a way of safeguarding cash. Eventually though, these kids grow up to be adults with businesses and careers, and need safer, more convenient ways of storing their money. …

My First Million

International Marketing Group to Offer Free Seminar on Mutual Funds

As part of their aim to promote financial literacy among the Filipino people, International Marketing Group (IMG) is proud to announce they will be hosting a free online seminar all about investing in mutual funds. …

Digital Wallets

Bank-Genie Bags Multiple Awards Driving Key Innovation in Banks’ Digital Transformation

MANILA,  November 12, 2020 — Singaporean Banking Customer Experience (CX) Innovator Bank-Genie has recently won multiple awards highlighting the company’s dedication to advancing innovation in the field of banking technology.  At the 2020 CX Asia …

Investing in the PSE

Low Risk Stocks Anyone at the Age of 20 Can Start Investing In

There are so many low-cost and low-risk investments out there that anyone can start with, but we’ve made sure the info here is fit for the average 20 year old’s savings. For example, although stocks …

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