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Real Estate

All that glitters is not gold: Breaking down the truth about rent-to-own schemes

You see the ads plastered all over the internet. It’s usually something to the tune of P8,000.00 of monthly rent, no down payment, and a promise that you can own a piece of property after …

Investing in the PSE

Why BPI Trade is fast becoming a platform of choice for investors

Maybe you’ve just begun doing stocks. Or maybe you already know the ins and outs of the trade, pun intended. In any case, you know that online trading platforms have made it easier for everyone …

Investing Internationally

Meet Three Filipinos Who Have Succeeded With eToro

Filipinos who encounter eToro for the first time often question its legitimacy. Some of the features of the social trading platform, after all, may sound too good to be true. How can it allow users …

Investing in the PSE

The Cost of College

For every university or college in Malaysia or Indonesia, the Philippines is reported to have 10 more. But does this actually translate to greater options for the country’s 1.2 million senior high school graduates?  Admission …

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