About Us

There are some Filipinos who are financially successful, and there are many others who are not. But these are just outcomes. What separates the two groups is not only wealth, but information.

Financially successful Filipinos tend to be information-rich. They know how to follow a financial plan, what to save, where to invest in, and which insurance to avail of. Because of this knowledge, their wealth grows.

The same applies to the other group. They lack knowledge about even the basic principles of financial literacy. Because they instead rely on habit – most of them bad – they are unable to accumulate wealth. Many live paycheck-to-paycheck, suffer from debt, or even fall into poverty.

KitaMo was founded in 2019 to address the fundamental information gap that separates the two groups. We aim to provide Filipinos with understandable, comprehensive, and engaging content about financial literacy, so they can make better decisions related to saving, investing, and planning.

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