Here are Some Legally Blonde Financial Lessons that Will Make You Bend and Snatch!

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Kita Mo
Kita Mo
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“You got into Harvard Law? What, like it’s hard?” 

Elle Woods’ classic sass and confidence make it hard not to love Legally Blonde. This film contains many life lessons that range from the topics of career, love, and friendship. But little did we know that its takeaways can also be applied in finance. Here, we are going to look into some iconic scenes from the movie and just how they relate to managing one’s finances in real life.

Elle shows us the virtue of hard work, a valuable lesson whether in law or finance

After being dumped by her boyfriend Warner Huntington III because she is not the type of girl his family expects him to marry, Elle wanted to prove herself by showing him that she can be intelligent and driven. In addition to this, she wanted to please Warner by being passionate in more serious matters; definitely not fashion, mani-pedis, and living the sorority girl life. She then decided to apply for Harvard, the same university Warner will be attending. 

With the help of her Delta Nu sisters, she reached her goal by enduring sleepless nights, improving her LSAT scores, and absorbing endless lessons from her textbooks. Attending law school or pursuing any other endeavor for that matter requires lots of hard work and the same goes with managing finances! Holding bank accounts, investing in long-term goals, and saving money takes constant determination and immense patience. Elle teaches us to work hard to get what we want and to never give up despite the challenges we encounter. It was in this scene where she proved to us all that she is more than her stunning face and physique.

Elle rejecting Warner’s advances, an important lesson in getting your money’s worth

After seeing how far she has come and that she does not need validation from others anymore, Elle rejects Warner’s desire to get back together. After this realization of hers, she continued to excel in her career in law and got into a relationship with Emmett Richmond, her colleague in the Brooke Windham case. A total catch if you ask us! In this scene, Elle teaches us never to settle for less. 

When it comes to finances, we must invest in goals that will benefit us long-term. We must avoid spending or investing in things that will only provide us short-term gratification. This scene cannot stress the saying “Know your worth” any better!

Elle becoming best friends with Vivienne, making us realize that some hard financial choices are necessary

Elle and Vivienne Kensington became rivals due to their polar opposite personalities, and especially because of their competition for Warner’s love and attention. Towards the end of the film though, the two realize that they actually have some things in common and that fighting over some guy was not worth it. After gaining each other’s respect and trust, the two graduated from Harvard Law as more than great lawyers in the making, but BFFs as well. This scene teaches us to choose what is best for our personal growth even if it is difficult at first. 

When it comes to finances, it may feel like we will not reap the benefits of our investments for a long time. There may even be moments when we want to redirect our money towards more fleeting things. With this, we must always remember that it is better to make a hard choice that will help us in the future than to make an easy choice that will only be beneficial to us now.

Legally Blonde is more than an iconic feminist film that debunks the “dumb blonde” stereotype. It also offers many valuable lessons that are relatable to most people and can be applied in real life, even in managing finances. Elle Woods’ character has developed gracefully throughout the movie. From portraying herself as a typical blonde with superficial desires, she has grown to become a goal-oriented and passionate woman in the field of law. We can follow in Elle’s footsteps by doing a full 180 in our attitude towards our finances. In that way, we can thrive in our future goals and investments.

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