Girl Power: A Look Into a Couple of Successful Business Women in the Philippines

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Kita Mo
Kita Mo
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In the past, women were always expected to be the ones in charge of keeping the household tidy all while bearing and raising children. Yet it is now the 21st Century, and times have definitely changed. 

Women have grown and evolved far from the “Maria Clara” stereotype into strong and independent figures in society. In the Philippines alone, a lot of businesses made by women have recently emerged and have taken the spotlight.

Here are a few women who have created some of the most successful and recognizable businesses in the country to date.

Angeline Tham

This entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Angkas, a motorcycle vehicle for hire and package delivery company based in Makati, Metro Manila. Angkas is originally a Singapore-based company conceptualized in 2015 by Tham herself. She got the concept for this company when she arrived late to a couple of meetings after spending approximately six hours in traffic. It was this experience that made her think of a cheaper and faster way of getting from one point to another, especially with the horrendous traffic in the cities. “Many people think that entrepreneurs are great risk takers. While that is true, do not take risks for the sake of it. Plan, test, fail, and iterate. Failure is a part of entrepreneurship and overcoming it will make you and your business more resilient,” said Tham. We could not agree more.

Abba Napa

This entrepreneur is the co-founder of The Moment Group, which offers a variety of brands in the food industry such as Mo Cookies, Phát Pho, Ooma, Manam, Mecha Uma, and Bank Bar. To top this off, she was responsible for importing Taiwan’s well-known Michelin-rated restaurant, Din Tai Fung. Her company was created in 2012, when Napa along with Eli Antonino and Jon Syjuco decided to go along with the restaurant business boom at the time. They observed the trend and came up with their very own venture, The Moment Group. Talk about being one step ahead from the rest! Being interviewed about the importance of health and cleanliness in the food industry amidst the pandemic, Napa said, “Every team member must complete a daily health check before entering our shops. Whether in the kitchen or on the floor, our lean teams practice social distancing of at least three feet, wash their hands every 30 minutes, and disinfect themselves regularly.” You go girl!

Rissa Mananquil Trillo

This entrepreneur is the co-founder of the cosmetics brand Happy Skin. This brand has become so popular in the local cosmetics industry because it is endorsed by some notable local artists and influencers such as Kathryn Bernardo, Kylie Verzosa, Liz Uy, and Heart Evangelista. Happy Skin started when Trillo who was then one of the country’s top models, a beauty columnist for The Philippine Star, as well as the former president of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines partnered up with Jacque Yuengtian-Gutierrez, the current CEO of the company. Through constant collaboration in different projects, the two grew close and eventually joined forces to create what is now Happy Skin. “What fuelled this dream of mine was how hard it was to find good makeup for Filipinas when I first started modeling. Even as a beauty columnist, I always dreamed of creating the perfect makeup line that would wonderfully celebrate and care for the skin,” said Trillo. Now she is the best example of having both beauty and brains!

What makes these women such great entrepreneurs is their ability to take real-life dilemmas and create solutions for them through creating innovations and products that appeal to the masses. If there is one attitude that makes a business successful by looking at these women, it would be adaptability. These businesses had just that to get where they are now. “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants,” said Coco Chanel. To all the girls and potential businesswomen out there, do not be afraid to take risks and pursue your dreams. Who knows, maybe you will be the next success story in the local business scene!

Beatrice Santillan

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