The Magic of Good Financing: Lessons from the Harry Potter Series

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Kita Mo
Kita Mo
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The Harry Potter series definitely has its share of iconic moments. Whether its Hermione Granger perfecting “Wingardium Leviosa” to make things fly or seeing Harry Potter fly on his Quidditch broom for the first time, the Wizarding World has captured hearts and minds everywhere. 

Yet imagine, how cool would it be if there was a spell that could help us manage our finances? Think of how easy life would be.

Sadly, there is no spell for such and dealing with finances will always be stressful. But do not fret, because even if financial stress does not magically disappear, this movie series leaves us with a couple of financial takeaways we can use in our daily lives.

Here are some moments in the Harry Potter series and what they teach us about good financing.

Dumbledore teaches us the importance of banks

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Albus Dumbledore instructed Rubeus Hagrid to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone from Gringotts whilst he and Harry went shopping for school supplies in Diagon Alley. The stone was kept in Gringotts for protection and to ensure that it would not fall into the hands of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. This scene shows how important it is to store one’s savings and earnings in a bank account for the purpose of safekeeping. Banks are the safest place to store one’s funds and protect them from people that have not so good intentions.

The Weasleys teach us how to be frugal 

Numbering at 9 members total (Mr. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny), it’s an understatement to say the Weasley family is a large one. With that many mouths to feed at home, it’s understandable that the family learned to be frugal early on: hand-me-down books, robes, and even cauldrons were a constant part of life with the Weasleys. 

Although a certain Draco Malfoy may have looked down on the family for their frugality, the Weasleys are proof that you don’t need to spend a lot to create a happy environment. 

Fred and George show us the importance of taking (calculated) risks

Without a doubt, many Harry Potter fans would consider the Weasley family to be their favorite group of characters from the movie series. Especially the fun-loving pranksters, Fred and George Weasley. These brothers are known to be the class clowns and troublemakers of their year in Hogwarts. It was no surprise when the Weasley twins mentioned it was their dream to open their very own joke shop. The scene wherein they finally opened shop shows that we must not be afraid to kickstart our dream businesses. When Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes became successful despite the twins’ parents disapproval of the venture, it taught us that the biggest risk is not taking any risk at all.

The Harry Potter movie franchise brought us more than a fantasy world where “The Boy Who Lived” battles the most powerful dark wizard of all time. It also teaches us financial lessons that we can apply in the real world. Learning from this movie series and putting into action the advice it offers will surely work magic when it comes to our finances.


Beatrice Santillan

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