Investing for the Future: The Business Org with a Heart

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Kita Mo
Kita Mo
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KitaMo has partnered with multiple organizations who share the common goal of witnessing Filipinos grow their wealth through wise decisions. One of the selected organizations we’ve partnered is from Ateneo De Manila University, called the Ateneo Management Economics Organization. They are the premier student organization meant for socially responsible monetary management among the student body, advocating financial and investment literacy to empower stakeholders towards innovative and sustainable initiatives. For thirty-one years, their pursuit of financial freedom and economic betterment for all has not changed. Their endgame is to leave a positive impact benefiting not just the investors themselves, but the surrounding community as well. 

This partnership comes in the form of a media collaboration, providing help into the organization’s Investment Strategies Department and its numerous initiatives. The department’s role is to promote and reinforce the core competencies and uphold their title of being the premiere investing body of the university, allowing for building and sustaining a community of student-investors. With this in mind, they have implemented a number of signature programs that aim to develop said financial literacy with impactful investments.

One of their signature programs is the Investment Mentorship Program, an event that hosts mentorship sessions teaching the fundamentals of investment, such as an introductory course in investing in the stock market, consultation services with experts, and assistance in opening your own trading account. All participants will be taught by mentors that have been trained under MEcO themselves and financial institutions that MEcO has partnered with. 

They also hold the National Student Investors Convention, an one-day flagship event of the organization usually held within the Ateneo campus  and is their biggest effort to extend their ideals to the rest of the country. The event’s purpose is to further raise awareness among young investors and enthusiasts of the industry by covering the topic of the possible impact in investing in the country’s economic growth. It hosts a number of sub-events for participants to freely attend, including panel discussions, booths and various talks with experts from the financial technology industry. 

Of course, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic they have announced that the convention will be turned into an online experience by creating informative content, coordinating with their current partners to give the best virtual educational experience possible. The physical event is set to make a return next year.

Finally, in an effort to let their members and interested young investors alike get a simulated experience in creating investment experience, they also hold a nationwide inter-school tournament called STOX+. Using a virtual trading platform that lets them recreate the stock market completely risk-free, it is a safe way to hone a student’s skills, give them a chance to meet and learn from other traders, and join a community that nurtures and helps each other. They also incentivize participation in the tournament by giving them perks normally seen in the actual industry itself, like constant communication with an industry partner to allow real-time updates, updates on ideal stock picks and analysis of choice, and the wavering of the minimum initial investment on certain programs.

What sets MeCO stand out is their holistic stance on investment and information for the public, especially the younger generation. Through teaching the importance of financial responsibility and market literacy, they create shared impact through responsible investments, aiming to enlighten the next generation of enthusiasts and interested minds alike to go all in on the future of the industry and the country as a whole.

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