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Digital Wallets

New Year, New You: Financial New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

During 2020, we have tackled numerous financial lessons along the way ranging from the best ways to budget to the easiest ways to invest as a beginner. So what better way to apply what you …

Digital Wallets

Here are Some Financially Savvy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Buying presents during the holidays can be quite a hassle especially when it comes to finances. People usually have a hard time thinking of great gifts to give their loved ones that come at a …

Digital Wallets

Here are Some Legally Blonde Financial Lessons that Will Make You Bend and Snatch!

“You got into Harvard Law? What, like it’s hard?”  Elle Woods’ classic sass and confidence make it hard not to love Legally Blonde. This film contains many life lessons that range from the topics of …

Digital Wallets

Girl Power: A Look Into a Couple of Successful Business Women in the Philippines

In the past, women were always expected to be the ones in charge of keeping the household tidy all while bearing and raising children. Yet it is now the 21st Century, and times have definitely …

Digital Wallets

Take a Peek at These Brands Owned by International Household Names

In this day and age, it is very common for people to start their own businesses. Many do understand that in order to earn a lot, they must continuously hustle in improving their products and craft. …

Digital Wallets

Here are Some Tips in Choosing the Best Insurance Company for You

There are numerous insurance companies to pick from nowadays, all with their own unique perks. With insurance then being a vast jungle, have you ever wondered which company fits you and your needs best? Well, …

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